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Francis Boyle b. 1623 d. 1699

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Lineage Boyle
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Francis Boyle

Richard Boyle [Boyle] b. 3 October 1566 d. 13 September 1643

Katherine Fenton (Also Known as Katherine Fenton Boyle) [Fenton] d. 16 February 1630

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Francis Boyle, 1st Viscount Shannon


1623 birth:

1639 marriage: Elizabeth Killigrew (Shannon) [Killigrew] d. 1680

1699 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Roger Boyle
death: 24 March 1576, Faversham, Kent (England), Preston, near Faversham in Kent
Alice Weston
marriage: w Geoffrey Fenton
death: 16 February 1629, Dublin, Ireland
Geoffrey Fenton
birth: 1539
fact 1: 1567, Wrote: Certaine tragicall discourses written oute of Frenche and Latin (This book is a free translation of François de Belleforest's French rendering of Matteo Bandello's Novelle.)
fact 2: 1579, Published: Monophylo in 1572, Golden epistles gathered out of Guevaraes workes as other authors ... 1575
marriage: Alice Weston
death: 19 October 1608
Richard Boyle
birth: 3 October 1566, Canterbury (Kent), England
marriage: Katherine Fenton (Also Known as Katherine Fenton Boyle)
title: 1st Earl Burlington
graduation: 20 October 1612, The College in Youghal Cork Ireland
death: 13 September 1643, Youghal, Ireland
Katherine Fenton (Also Known as Katherine Fenton Boyle)
birth: Lismore, Munster, Cork, Ireland
marriage: Richard Boyle
death: 16 February 1630, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
== 3 ==
Catherine Fenton Boyle
birth: 1615
death: 23 December 1691, London, England, Pall Mall
Robert Boyle
birth: 25 January 1627
birth: 30 December 1691
title: Director of the East India Company
Richard Boyle
birth: 20 October 1612, Youghal, Ireland, College of Youghal
death: 15 January 1697
burial: 3 February 1697, Londesborough, Yorkshire (England)
Roger Boyle
birth: 1621
marriage: Margaret Howard
title: comte d'Orrery
death: 1679
Elizabeth Killigrew (Shannon)
baptism: 16 May 1622
marriage: w Francis Boyle
death: 1680
== 3 ==

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