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Irmgard van Berg d. 11 August 1248

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Lineage Berg
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Irmgard van Berg

Adolph ? (the Younger) [Berg] d. before 7 August 1218

Adolph IV (Adolf) de Berg (Cleves-von Berg) [Cleves] d. 1218

Bertha von Sayn [Sayn]

Reference numbers GEDCOM::PauwelvanNassau.ged::INDI @I228736@::Kjansen


1217 marriage: Hendrik IV van Montjoie (de Limburg) [Limburg] b. 1195 d. 25 February 1247

1220 child birth: Walram de Limbourg (Walram IV) [Limbourg] b. 1220 d. 14 October 1279

1220 child birth: w Adolf IV. von Berg [Berg] b. 1220 d. 27 April 1259

11 August 1248 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Everhard I van Altena
birth: before 1150, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
marriage: Adelheid van Cuyk-Arnsberg
death: 23 January 1180, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Bruno III von Berg
birth: about 1140
title: from - 1193, Köln, Erzbischof von Köln
death: about 1200
Engelbert I de Berg
title: 12 October 1170, Comte de Clèves
death: July 1189
Otto I van Gelre
birth: about 1150
marriage: Richardis de Bavière
death: 30 April 1207
burial: Klooster Kamp
Adelheid von Geldern
birth: estimated 1150
marriage: w Gérard II de Looz
death: after 8 July 1190
Margaret FitzHenry (van Gelre)
birth: before 1158
death: after 1185
Engelbert de Berg (Engelbert II)
birth: 1185, Solingen
title: 29 February 1216, Cologne, Archevêque de Cologne
title: 1218, Comte de Berg
death: 7 November 1225, Gevelsberg
Adolph ? (the Younger)
title: July 1189, Comte de Clèves
marriage: Bertha von Sayn
death: before 7 August 1218, Damiette
Bertha von Sayn
marriage: Adolph ? (the Younger)
title: 1204, Comtesse de Berg
== 3 ==
Hendrik IV van Montjoie (de Limburg)
birth: 1195
marriage: Irmgard van Berg
title: 7 November 1225, Comte de Berg
title: from 1226 - 25 February 1247, граф Арлон
title: before 1226, сеньор Моншау
title: 2 July 1226, Duc de Limbourg
death: 25 February 1247
== 3 ==
Margarethe von Hochstaden
birth: 1214
marriage: w Adolf IV. von Berg
death: 30 January 1314, Hückeswagen
Adolf IV. von Berg
birth: 1220
marriage: Margarethe von Hochstaden
title: 1246, Comte de Berg
death: 27 April 1259
Jutta van Kleef
birth: 1232
marriage: Walram de Limbourg (Walram IV)
title: 1249, Duchesse de Limbourg
death: 1276
Kunigunde de Brandebourg
birth: 1247
marriage: Bela von Slawonien
title: 1264, Duchesse de Slavonie
marriage: Walram de Limbourg (Walram IV)
title: 10 January 1273, Duchesse de Limbourg
death: 1292
Walram de Limbourg (Walram IV)
birth: 1220
title: 25 February 1247, Duc de Limbourg, Abbaye de Rolduc
marriage: Jutta van Kleef
marriage: Kunigunde de Brandebourg
death: 14 October 1279
Heinrich von Berg (von Windeck)
birth: before 1247
marriage: Agnes van der Mark
title: 27 April 1259, Seigneur de Windeck
death: 1298
Eberhard I. von der Mark
birth: 1250
marriage: Irmgard von Berg
death: 4 July 1308, Fröndenberg
Irmgard von Berg
birth: 1255
marriage: Eberhard I. von der Mark
death: 24 March 1294
Rainald I von Geldern
birth: 1255
marriage: Onbekende Concubine
marriage: Ermengarde de Limbourg
marriage: Margareta von Flandern , Namur
death: 19 October 1326, Montfort
burial: 21 October 1326, Gravendal
Ermengarde de Limbourg
birth: 1252
marriage: Rainald I von Geldern
title: 1276, Comtesse de Gueldre et de Zutphen
title: 1279, Duchesse de Limbourg
death: 1 July 1283
Irmgard Jutta van Kleef
birth: 1261
marriage: Willem van Limburg
title: 1285, Dame de Berg
title: 29 September 1296, Comtesse de Berg
death: 11 May 1319
Willem van Limburg
birth: about 1242
marriage: Irmgard Jutta van Kleef
title: 29 September 1296, Comte de Berg
death: 16 April 1308
Adolf V. von Berg
marriage: Elisabeth de Gueldre
title: 29 April 1259, Comte de Berg
death: 29 September 1296
Konrad I. von Berg
death: 25 May 1313

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